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Many people refer to the 2008-2009 financial crisis as the time at which moral hazard reached a breaking point. For those unfamiliar with the term, moral hazard refers to the concept that if an entity knows it will be shielded against the risks it takes, it will take large chances knowing that any failure will have no significant consequences.

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Bitcoin has already demonstrated that there is a viable alternative to today’s shattered status quo. Decentralization continues to gain traction as the highest performing global asset by a ratio of 10 over the previous ten years, even as institutional distrust grows in tandem.

Whether you believe in bitcoin or the potential that cryptocurrencies offer, an insurance policy against weak governance and bad policies should not be overlooked. The fundamental objective of holding bitcoin is to express your position on government and your continued trust in the monetary systems of these organizations.

Finally, it is quite dangerous to be unaware of the institutional lock on inflation and the repercussions it has for regular people. This isn’t simply a local idea, but a worldwide reality as well. As a result, not having a position on bitcoin is just as harmful as avoiding it, because it displays unbridled conviction and trust in institutions that have only served to deteriorate them.

In the end, trust must be earned rather than merited. Although trust isn’t required to get the benefits of bitcoin, confidence in its capabilities is undoubtedly growing, putting the status quo on the defensive as new paradigms acquire the trust that people lack in government. It’s debatable whether governments can control moral hazard, but bitcoin offers the unfathomable potential of confidence in a system that requires none to exist and flourish.

Here we try to journal all the latest happening in the world of Cryptocurrencies and BTC. We along with you would love to see the world change for good.